Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hot Potatoes!

Today, I also learned about another new educational technology: Hot Potatoes!
It is a useful tool to use within the classroom environment which is easy to use either for teachers and students. It provides interactive, effective and fun learning at the same time, which are engaging for students.
It enables teachers to create effective materials (worksheets, tests, exercises, assessments) such as:

- interactive multiple-choice,
- short-answer,
- jumbled-sentence,
- crossword,
- matching/ordering,
- gap-fill exercises

Hot Potatoes is a free software which is usable for any purpose or project within the classroom. It can easily be incorporated within the diverse Learning Area (e.g. Maths: you can create a times table's multiple choice, English: you can create a jumbled-sentence activity).
By using Hot Potatoes, teachers can easily organise their work/upload worksheets; they can communicate with their students; see their results, the time they took to complete an activity and their feelings about it. On the other side, students can check if their answers are correct and can have another try if they did some mistakes. They can also express their feelings about all the activities.

Some negative points about Hot Potatoes:
- You cannot download the new version yet; you can only download the demo version which is available just for 7 days;
- You cannot change your password;
- If you forget your password, it is gone forever.

Here is a useful link which contains diverse quizzes samples:

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